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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A year

Assalammualikum, hello...

Still bizy doing mcm2 keje. :-) okeh,  since last week i keep look at my phone...omg 15 november just around the corner...  Xde la rse apa2 yg pelik pun...but rase syukur sbb we r still survive :-) haha.... Doest mean sy not expecting we gona get tru this relationship togrther but aishhh...susah nk explain n i think u guys dont need the explanation too..haha....

But seriously, semuanya tak semudah 123, as kamil said, once he decide to choose me, he will go tru everything which i do hope he will keep his promised :-)

Ive nothing more to share since i decide to keep everything with me. Maybe, when the right time comes, i will start writting our love story here as what i did before.

Dear awak,
Cepatnya masa berlalu kn, it has been a year since i decide to be with u, thank you for ur patient n love. Those who still believe yg awk nie rockers n ganas, i would advice them to change their mind...you are absolutely caring n sensitive....hahaha...
I dont promise i will be with you till my last breath, but i do pray nasib n jodoh menyebelahi kita :-)  thank you for everything, but please stop pampered me. Ajar sy jadi berdikari dan kuat supaya when you r not around, sy tak ngis while driving mlm or kelam kabut sgt...hahaha....

Thank you for the doa n wishes. Thank you jgk pada yg selalu bertanya when is the big day... Well, we are planning,  but Allah is a great planning. So i decide to serah everything to HIM  as He know the best for us :-)

Nota : kadang2 sy dh write up half page, but i decide to delete. Better i keep everything with me :-) xpe, yg penting hati kan :-)

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