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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stop complaining maybe? Gulp

Just now we are having one simple game. Both of us just have to write 3 things bout our partner yg kena improve or change. So i wrote as what in the picture while kamil having his burger. After a while he came back n tnya dh siap listing?

I give him my phone. We change n start to read. Kamil tulis panjang2, tp non of yg dia tulis tu ialah perkara2 yg i need to change or improve.

He wrote, he got nothing to say coz he love me and he just love the way i am. He got nothing to complain. He love everything n accept everything about me as long as i am ANMY (read : my full name). He will love me n he will never stop and he say sorry for all kekurangan he had n he will try to give his best.

I was like, hmmmmm.... Nk ngis but i should tahan. Not because of the ego, but better dont start the drama coz it can not be end soon. Allah dah dengar doa sy yg satu tu dlu, grant me someone yg terima sy seadanya sy and  love me more than i could love him. Ive to admit, sy still dlm fasa awangan, which i never give 100% commitment in this relationship. Maybe, takut bila fikir andai one day i ve to let it go ke apa kan..like apa yg penah jd before. But when kamil kata, he will give 100% commitment sbb nk me tahu yg dia mmg serious n bla..bla..bla...if one day, jadi pape to him at least dia dh tunjuk commitment dia n it will satisfied him lah. Well, kata2 tu mmg meresap ke dalam jiwa. Why should i lyn ego or rase takut nie kan. Kata jelah syg kalau syg, tunjuk kan lah commitment kalau btl serious kan...hahaha...after a few discussion dgn bff, she said sy nie still in fobia phase. Still takut dgn kehilangn. Selalu pkir what if one day...bla..bla..bla...terlalu negative. I should appreciate whatever yg ada dpn mata n give ur full commitment as im going to be his forever partner kan. Do not be too emotional n put excitement on ur wedding preparation. Again, kata2 tu meresappp lg....

Allah dh makbulkan doa yg satu tu, now i do pray that He will ease our journey. Jadikan  sy org yg tahu bersyukur dan ready kan sy to be his wife. Now, kalau org ckp, eh ajak lah tunang tu masuk...sy buat xtahu je...like pelik plak...bla dlm 1/2 minit bru dpt tangkap...ooo acik nie ckp dgn aku rupanya... Rase kelakar pun ada. Tp tulah reality nya kan.

Next month will start prepare for our wedding. I promised this time i will involved at least 70% for the wedding. Will start booking apa yg patut n will start to have discussion psl theme, deco, dress n all. We wanted to have simple wedding but lots of food. Since both are food lover! Bff dh tnya nk hadiah apa...wow..im touched! Nnty aku pkirkan eh born..hahah...

Maybe , i should stop complaining n start to give 100% commitment kan. Yeayyyy....dh boleh booked ticket flight!! Tak sabar nk shopping jgk. Thank you awk. Thank you for everything.

Nota: engagement day nnty sambung eh. Pic dh upload tp xsempat nk taip.

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